Liberty Security

Security Sewing Thread

Fields of application

  • Passports
  • Brand protection


Security Sewing Thread

We offer a large range of security threads for multiple markets. Such as the passport market and brand protection
applications. Our security sewing threads have a unique combination of superb sewability and a wide range of
both visible and UV fluorescent colours. We can produce both single colour and multiple ply security threads in a
variety of thread sizes and substrate types such as CF Nylon, CF Polyester and Core Spun Polyester Cotton.

We have developed one of the most secure security threads on the market today, these include a variety of
substrates comprising single and multi-colour sewing threads with vivid fluorescent characteristics. In addition
to the great fluorescent characteristics, our threads run smoothly on both Uno and Kugler passport binding
machines. We can offer all our security threads in a variety of substrates. Contact us for more information.

Our security threads may be used to sew labels, apparel and leather-goods providing a low cost, counterfeit resistant feature to a wide range of branded products. The threads may be twisted or braided using materials and plies to give the highest quality performance combined with carefully selected colours and security features that allows for easy
recognition that are difficult to reproduce. Contact us for more information. 


Liberty Quality

Our manufacturing processes are of the highest standards and constantly governed by benchmarks. Our aim is achieving the highest levels of performance in order to meet the needs of our customers.

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